Our Team

Our Team

Our team is made up of more than 100 professionals. As you can see, we have a number of medical, data science, product and R&D team members.

Team overview

Bart Malenstein

Founder & CEO

Mark Dotinga


Omar el Khamlichi


Majd Zreik

Lead Image Recognition Researcher

Madelon van Tilborg

Head of Medical Affairs

Janna Bailey

Medical Consultant

Eric Luiten

Lead Medical Team

Marcel Dirkes

Head of Research & Development

Dayenne Ubachs

Research & Development Lead

Annemijn Gregory

Lead Strategic Projects

Emiel Roovers- van den Aarssen

Research Consultant

Wadim de Boon

Research & Development Lead Partnerships

Metehan Ağaca

QA & RA Lead and Information Security Officer

Chantal van der Vorst

Head of Marketing & Communications

Bregje Voncken

Head of Platform Integrations

Judith Blenken Blijdenstein

Head of People & Culture

Ferdinand de Booij

Head of Product

Frank Lyaruu

Lead Cloud Infra Architect

Coen Warmer

Frontend Development Lead

Pelle Wielinga

Backend Development Lead

Lennart Schmid

Design Lead

Juan Martin Moschino

Chapter Lead QA

Vladyslav Korenkov

Chapter Lead Frontend

Marcos Gomes Barbero

Chapter Lead Backend Engineering

Louise Kallen

Business Intelligence Lead

Marlous Dillingh

Lead Evidence Team

Wendy Enthoven

Medical Consultant

Eline Kuipers

Medical Consultant

Carolien Leijten

Medical Consultant

Maarten Nieuwpoort

Medical Consultant

Ruth Sijbrandij

Medical Consultant

Loes Visser

Medical Consultant

Medical & Academic Partners

Prof. Dr. J.W.R. (Jos) Twisk

Professor applied biostatistics

Dr. M.L. (Louis) Handoko


Drs. Ir. J.L. (Jasper) Selder

Cardiologist and Biomedical Engineer

Drs. M.P.J. (Maarten) van der List

Orthopedic surgeon

Drs. H.W. (Heinse) Bouma

Orthopedic surgeon

Drs. B. (Bart) de Hoo


Dr. N. (Niki) Fens

General Practitioner

Drs. M. (Michel) Specken

General Practitioner

Dr. M.A. (Menno) Brink

Medical Lead