More time to deliver quality healthcare

More time to deliver quality healthcare

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See patients that need to be seen

Allowing patients to check symptoms digitally, pre-consultations and the option of video consultations decreases the need for appointments generally, and practice visits in particular. Using ‘smart’ information registration and pre-filled SOEPs (subjective, objective, evaluation, plan), frees up time for in-person quality healthcare.

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Specialist-supported diagnosis

Quin delivers secondary care expertise to the primary care environment for commonly occurring diseases, within a variety of specialities. You’ll be supported by specialists in making objective diagnosis, and receive indications via tele-diagnostics and prediction models, plus you’ll gain  insight into the quality of care in hospitals and ZBCs (independent care units). Ensuring that you are fully supported in diagnosing patients, and making their care pathway as smooth and transparent as possible.

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Proactive care for at-risk populations

We regularly check in with patients so we can share up-to-date profiles with you.  More insight into basic health and lifestyle choices makes it possible to give personalized, digital healthcare advice and offer preventive care for patients in at-risk groups.