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Quin in the press


New healthcare provider launches digital solution for overburdened GP care

New Dutch healthcare provider launches digital solution for overburdened general practioner (GP) care

Quin expects that the integration of physical and digital GP care will result in a drop of at least 12% in the number of GP visits


Amsterdam, 10 November 2020 – GPs are sounding the alarm bell on a massive scale: two thirds of Dutch GPs believe that they are working at maximum capacity[1]. The reasons for this include the ageing population, a growing shortage of GPs and the coronavirus crisis. That is why Quin, a new Dutch healthcare provider founded by healthcare entrepreneur Bart Malenstein, today is launching a solution to make GP care futureproof. Quin is the first Dutch healthcare provider to fully integrate digital solutions, such as a symptom checker and video consultations, into its own GP practices. It expects that this will lead to a dramatic reduction in work pressure for GPs, whilst simultaneously affording patients greater control over their own care process. Following an intensive testing period, the healthcare innovations are coming on stream for the first time today at the ‘Quin Doctors’ practice in Puttershoek, in the Rotterdam region. These innovations will be rolled out to the next 11  ‘Quin Doctors’ practices in the Netherlands in the near future.

Quin offers a solution for both patients and GPs, and integrates the entire care pathway, from complaint onset,  diagnosis and indication, to treatment and follow-up. Users of the app can recieve reliable and personalised medical advice about their health issues 24/7. Using the symptom checker they can get an immediate answer as to whether they need to see a GP, and if so, how urgently. The app uses an extensive database of medical data, from which the correct insights are pulled up at the right time with the help of artificial intelligence. This symptom checker was developed in collaboration with a core team of experienced GPs and follows the triage guidelines used in Dutch practices. When an app user is registered with a ‘Quin Doctors’ practice – GP practices that have integrated Quin’s digital healthcare innovations – the app offers even more functionalities, such as the possibility to book a GP video consultation directly via the app. What’s more, if a physical consultation proves necessary, the user can easily share all relevant information with their GP via the app. This allows the GP to prepare for the consultation beforehand, allowing the GP and patient to use their time during the consultation to maximum effect.

Today these healthcare innovations are coming on steam for the first time in the ‘Quin Doctors’ practice in Puttershoek, following a period of intensive testing. Tanneke Gerritsen, GP and former owner of this practice, is delighted: “GPs are feeling the pressure on primary care grow every day. By integrating Quin’s digital innovations into our practice, thanks to the system of symptom checking, monitoring and video consultations, we will rapidly gain insights into our patients’ medical situations, and up to a point will be able to help them from a distance. This is of real value in these hectic times, when a physical consultation should only be arranged if it's really necessary. It will result in fewer unnecessary consultations, allowing us to focus on the true priorities: offering high-quality, personal care at the right time, in the right place.”

The Quin healthcare innovations will be rolled out to the next 11 ‘Quin Doctors’ practices in the near future, to a total of 50,000 users spread across the whole of the Netherlands. It is Quin’s ambition to continue its expansion over the next two years to reach a total of 50 ‘Quin Doctors’ practices. The Quin app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.

Greater control for patients

“Patients must be able to shape their own care process, and Quin wants to help them in doing so. We will do this by giving them easy access to reliable and objective medical information, and by enabling them to combine physical and digital healthcare. By offering patients the option to check their symptoms digitally, and to simply schedule a video consultation, they gain access to the knowledge and care of a GP from their own homes. This will result in a reduction in GPs' work pressure: we expect to see a decline of at least 12% in the number of GP visits required[2]”, states Bart Malenstein, CEO and founder of Quin. “This benefits everyone: patients will be afforded greater control over their care process, the load on GPs will be lightened, and we will reduce the pressure on the Dutch healthcare system overall.”

Supporting the referral from GP to specialist care

Quin’s healthcare innovations are also deployed to support patients in their referral to specialist care. Thanks to Quin’s extensive database of medical knowledge, and an objective diagnostic process, GPs and specialists are supported in making the correct diagnosis, allowing them to refer patients in a more targeted way, and only when necessary. From early 2021 on, Quin will also make it possible to offer the knowledge of specialists in a primary care setting. Among other things this will entail involving specialists in the assessment digitally, once the diagnostic process has been completed, and where necessary by facilitating joint digital consultations with the patient.

As a result of these innovations, patients will go to the right place at the right time, should further diagnosis or treatment be required. Quin expects that the number of referrals could drop by up to 26%[3], as it will be possible to deal with more complaints within the (extended) primary care system. Quin will also allow the safe sharing of relevant medical information between GPs and specialists, so that they have all the necessary information in order to provide the best possible care.



About Quin

Quin is a Dutch digital healthcare provider with physical GP practices, which thanks to smart healthcare innovations deliver futureproof GP care. It offers patients greater insight into, and control over, their care pathway – from symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and aftercare – by giving them access to reliable and objective medical information, and by combining physical and digital healthcare in a unique manner. There are currently 12 ‘Quin Doctors’ practices spread across the whole of the Netherlands, with 50,000 registered users. Quin’s ambition is to continue its expansion over the next two years to reach a total of 50 ‘Quin Doctors’ practices. The Quin app can be downloaded free of charge in Apple's App Store and Google Play Store.


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[1] Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging (Dutch National Association of General Practitioners) (2018)

[2] Leiden University Medical Centre and NHG (2016), Study into the effect on healthcare usage at GP practices via the website thuisarts.nl


[3] Based on internal analysis, Quin expects that 52% of patients will go through the diagnostic pathways, and expects that 50% of these can be dealt with within the (extended) primary care system.