Quin in the press

Quin in the press


Digital healthcare provider Quin raises substantial investment of 25 million euro

Amsterdam, January 18th 2021 - The Dutch digital healthcare provider Quin, that supports General Practitioners (GP’s) by integrating digital care innovations into physical GP practices, has recently completed a Series A investment round of €25 million. Investor Partners in Equity (PiE) is making this injection. With earlier investments by Bergman Clinics and ExO Capital (founder investments by private equity firm of Quin founder Bart Malenstein), the total invested growth capital in Quin amounts to 36 million euros. This way, Quin invests substantially in the digitalization of GP care in the Netherlands. The Series A investment by PiE also offers the possibility to prepare for international expansion.

Quin is a spin-off of Bergman Clinics, the largest chain of highly specialized medical focus clinics in The Netherlands and the Nordics. Quin focuses on making GP care future-proof by integrating digital, data-driven solutions throughout the entire care path; from complaint, diagnosis and indication to treatment
and the monitoring of the treatment result.

GP practices that use the Quin platform combine digital care with physical GP care. Digital care is provided via an app that gives users access to, for example, a symptom checker and video consultations. Currently there are 12 Quin Doctors practices throughout the Netherlands with 50,000 connected patients, who have
already implemented or will implement Quin's digital innovations. The digitalization in GP care should lead to more self-management, better information to support patients their decision making process, more efficiency and increase the accessibility to the GP. Quin will also facilitate objective and more targeted referrals from GP to specialist by offering diagnostic tools.

The investment by PiE is proportionally one of the largest Series A investments in a Dutch tech start-up in recent years. Ids van der Weij, partner at PiE: "Quin has a very promising concept, which is already showing its value. The company is taking major steps in a sector in which digitalization is the answer to the excessive workload and to providing the right care at the right time and in the right place. Quin expects that digital, data-driven solutions can significantly reduce the number of unnecessary visits to GPs and referrals and, ultimately, relieve the pressure on the healthcare system as a whole. We see a lot of potential and that is why we are stepping in with such a sizeable investment".

In the coming period, Quin will further expand its app and the underlying platform with data-driven care pathways and make these innovations available for more GP practices. "With this investment we also have the opportunity to prepare for international expansion, initially looking at Germany. Developments in this
area are going fast, so it is crucial that we can accelerate now," says Bart Malenstein, founder and CEO of Quin.




About Quin

Quin is a Dutch digital care provider with physical GP practices that offers future-proof GP care thanks to smart care innovations. Quin gives patients more insight and control over their care path - from complaint to diagnosis, to treatment and aftercare. Quin does this by giving users access to reliable and objective medical information and combining physical and digital care in a unique way. This supports both general practitioners and patients in choosing the right care at the right time and the right place. Quin currently has 12 Quin Doctors practices throughout the Netherlands with 50,000 connected patients, who have already implemented or will implement Quin's digital innovations. The Quin app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

About Partners in Equity

Partners in Equity (PiE) is an Amsterdam based long term private impact investors, with a focus on innovative companies in the Healthcare, Agritech and Education sector.


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