01 August 2022

More control over medical data thanks to the MedMij label

A single, secure online location where everyone can easily access their medical data.

04 July 2022

Ill while on holiday. You can take some matters into your own hands!

What should you do if you experience health problems while abroad? 

05 May 2022

'Will my GP still know me?'

How digital tools can make healthcare more personal.

01 April 2022

To see a doctor or not to see a doctor?

Discover the advantages of online health checks

01 March 2022

Your health in your own hands

Patient empowerment: Are you familiar with it yet?

03 February 2022

"Do you have a minute, doctor?"

How technology can help to keep GP care accessible.

19 August 2021

Quin fully commits to further platform development

Quin will fully focus on its mission: developing a digital healthcare platform that empowers patients to manage their own healthcare and that supports general practitioners. In the coming period the Quin Doctors practices will be transferred to partners who will manage the practices, with or without Quin as a digital partner.

18 January 2021

Press release: Substantial investment enables further development of the Quin platform!

The Dutch digital healthcare provider Quin, that supports General
Practitioners (GP’s) by integrating digital care innovations into physical GP practices, has recently
completed a Series A investment round of €25 million. Investor Partners in Equity (PiE) is making this