UX Designer

32 - 40 hours · Amsterdam · €45-65k annually 


Hi, we are Quin’s product department- team of product puzzle solvers. Join us and sharpen your skills by bouncing ideas off (40 souls, and counting) fellow POs, PMs, Analysts, Scrum Masters, UX/UI and Design professionals! 

Join our team with a clear purpose: to develop a scalable app that propels healthcare into the 22nd century.  

Not for ‘the lucky few,’ but for everyone, everywhere. If that’s a purpose you can get behind, now is the time to team up because we are building next-gen, AI-driven doctor and patient-facing apps that effortlessly guides patients to the right medical assistance. 

Determine the added value of proposed product features? That’s us. Inspire product teams to fully embrace autonomy? On it.  

How can we improve the UX/UI so that patients of all walks of life can easily navigate our app? It’s all in a day’s work. That makes for a fluid setting that inspires you to adopt an iterative, hypothesis-driven approach. 


As our UX Designer 

  • Help design the most people-friendly healthcare app on earth – if your 98-year-old great- grandmother swipes through it like a champ, mission accomplished 
  • Translate the wild & wicked wireframes that UI comes up with into clear visual concepts, flows, designs, et cetera 
  • Analyse and prioritise quickly evolving business requirements: what should we prioritise over other priorities that wrestle with quite a few more? 
  • Assist with testing your designs from an end-user perspective – yes, we are building a lab, specifically for that purpose (ETA: Q3, 2021) 

You assume responsibility for all UX design endeavours. Given our transition from a scale-up to a product-led organisation, this calls for a healthy dose of UX insights and experience, as well as, Figma, and preferably (some) UI, HTML and CSS knowledge to maximise your impact.  

Apply human-centred design principles from concept to implementation in a multidisciplinary environment In scope. Interpreting (and designing) what that means, and A/B testing the resulting concepts until you perfect it. In addition to our stunning app, we look to you for UX inspiration in web-based solutions for healthcare professionals. You will design for varied audiences, but always from a people-centred perspective. All yours, too.  

As is passionately promoting your vision to a diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from developers, UI, service designers, copywriters, marketeers to product owners. But rest assured, we have your back, and you can always tap into the insights of your peers: people who’ve been around the Design chapter of up to 15 people (UX, UI and service) and will gladly help you out.  

Your skill and dedication greatly contribute to Quin’s future growth, and the pay-off comes with a serving of ‘moral satisfaction’ to boot. That’s because we are a purpose-driven organisation, and all your conceptualised and crafted designs will ultimately make healthcare more straightforward, personal, and future-proof.  

A purpose worth investing in! Of note: at Quin, pioneering is the name of the game. Nothing is set in stone yet, so conceptual prowess and a forward-thinking mindset are welcome.  


How do you make us better? 

If you are a UX Designer with:  

  • Roughly 3 years of ‘hardcore’ UX experience, preferably topped off with visual XP 
  • You combine an analytical mindset with unbridled creativity 
  • You enjoy giving and receiving feedback, about life, the universe and everything 
  • You are a (wo)man of the world; you love to work with people from varying backgrounds 
  • You have a proven talent for translating abstract and/or complex issues into inspiring, people-centric UX designs 
  • Experience with prototyping and setting up design systems is welcome 

Finally, you have strong problem-solving skills, eye for detail, experience collaborating with a multidisciplinary team to translate design challenges into creative design solutions, you’re feeling comfortable with ambiguity and working in a fast-paced environment, experienced working with deadlines, keeping stakeholders aligned, self-starter with a “roll up your sleeves” attitude, equally comfortable to lead and to follow. 

Last, but not least, you have strong communication skills. You will need to be comfortable explaining your design process, documenting details and presenting your work in English. Speaking Dutch is a plus but not a must.

...then this job is right for you!  


What will you get from us? 

We hope the opportunity to future-proof healthcare with us gets your adrenaline pumping. That’s what makes your colleagues tick. Speaking of which, you’ll work with talented, international teammates who are always happy to bounce ideas off each other, so learning from peers is a given. We accelerate the learning curve through our (buzz incoming) career development program, which helps you plot the optimal Quin course and empowers you to reach personal goals quicker. As for the nitty-gritty: we ‘inject’ your checking account with a gross salary up to 65K per year depending on seniority.  

We support flexibility and work life balance, and offer a hybrid work environment. 60/40 is what we aim for. But given our prime location (the former Netflix building), you may find yourself gravitating towards HQ more often. If only to challenge a colleague in our gaming room, grab a meal in our cafeteria, participate in bootcamps, join our regular learning sessions and lunch lectures. 



Ready to future-proof healthcare with us?  

Hit that healthy-looking button to set up a digital appointment, or contact Nataliia via n.tovstenko@quin.md or call +31620185578 for more info and an inspirational pitch. 😉  



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