Computer Vision Medical Imaging Engineer

32 - 40 hours · Amsterdam · up to €65-76k gross annually  

Help us build the future of healthcare 
Hello, we are Quin's product tech team of over 100 engineers. A tech community of Kotlin/Spring Boot enthusiasts, React natives, Cloud huggers and the QA pros.   

A community with a clear purpose: to develop scalable code that propels healthcare into the 22nd century.  

Not for ‘the lucky few,’ but for everyone, everywhere. If that’s a purpose you can get behind, now is the time to team up because we are building next-gen, AI-driven doctor and patient-facing apps that effortlessly guides patients to the right medical assistance. We’re also reverse-engineering our Android and iOS apps as a web service.   

Together with medical professionals (aches and pains? At Quin, there’s always a doctor in the room!) and data scientists. If a fluid environment where the (patient) stakes are high, autonomy is a given, and learning from hugely talented peers appeals to you, welcome to our development lab!  

As our Computer Vision Engineer, you: 

  • Are working together with another Computer Vision Engineer and your Lead; 
  • Will research, experiment, implement and productize computer vision project for medical image analysis; 
  • Build, improve and work on our AI framework with multiple computer vision techniques;
  • There’s a great vision for the AI Chapter (which we will gladly tell you more about during the interviews). With your skills, you’ll be contributing to this. 

As Computer Vision Engineer, you assume responsibility for all medical imaging endeavours. Given our transition from a scale-up to a product-led organisation, this calls for hands-on experience with medical imaging engineering, as well as interpersonal skills like stakeholder management, so you need to leverage all of your experience and skills to maximise your impact.  

Taking ownership of the AI department at Quin? In scope. Creating the technical vision together with the team on where image recognition at Quin should be headed? All yours, too. As is passionately promoting your vision to a diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from Engineer sand Product Owners to GP’s and Medical Specialists. But rest assured, we have your back, and you can always tap into the insights of your peers: people who’ve been around the AI block and will gladly help you out.  

Your skill and dedication greatly contribute to Quin’s future growth, and the pay-off comes with a serving of ‘moral satisfaction’ to boot. That’s because we are a purpose-driven organisation, and every feature you deliver ultimately makes health care more straightforward, personal, and future-proof.  

A purpose worth investing in! Of note: at Quin, pioneering is the name of the game. Nothing is set in stone yet, so conceptual prowess and a forward-thinking mindset are welcome.  

As Computer Vision Engineer, you report to the Computer Vision Lead.  

How do you make us better? 

If you are a Computer Vision Engineer with: 

  • A Master or PhD degree in AI, Computer Science, Physics, Math or any other related field with a minimum of 3 of relevant industrial experience with deep learning for computer vision; 
  • You have hands-on experience with deep/machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.; 
  • A strong set of Python development skills; 
  • You have hands-on experience in moving from research into production (containerization, API, CI/CD, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of deep learning theory: CNN, SSL, GANs and its applications: classification, object detection, segmentation, etc.;
  • Big plus: You have experience with medical imaging data;
  • Plus: You have experience with data engineering topics (structuring data, databases, streaming data + aata pipelines (e.g. AirFlow, MLFlow, PySpark);
  • Plus: experience in developing for the cloud and operating a Kubernetes environment (we use AWS EKS);
  • You feel at home in a fluid environment (change is the only constant!) and love to shoot the breeze with highly skilled peers. 

...then this job is right for you!  

What will you get from us? 

We hope the opportunity to future-proof healthcare with us gets your adrenaline pumping. That’s what makes your colleagues tick. Speaking of which, you’ll work with talented, international teammates who are always happy to bounce ideas off each other, so learning from peers is a given. We accelerate the learning curve through our (buzz incoming) career development program, which helps you plot the optimal Quin course and empowers you to reach personal goals quicker. As for the nitty-gritty: we ‘inject’ your checking account with a gross salary up to €76k per year depending on seniority.  

We support flexibility and work life balance, and offer a hybrid work environment. We expect you to work 2 days per week at the office, that is what we aim for. But given our prime location (the former Netflix building), you may find yourself gravitating towards HQ more often. If only to challenge a colleague in our gaming room, grab a meal in our cafeteria, participate in bootcamps, join our regular learning sessions and lunch lectures. Last but not least, relocation assistance from start to finish. 

Ready to future-proof healthcare with us?  

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