Medical Consultant

32 - 40 hours · Amsterdam  


Due to the increasing pressure on primary care, GPs and healthcare workers are not always able to provide the care they want. New solutions are needed to make GP care future-proof. Quin offers these solutions, for both doctor and patient, by integrating digital, data-driven innovations into the entire healthcare process . Quin gives patients more insight and control over their care path – from complaint to diagnosis to treatment and aftercare. Quin does this by giving users access to reliable and objective medical information and by combining physical and digital care in a unique way. In this way, both general practitioners and patients are supported in choosing the right care, at the right time, in the right place. 


Welcome to the practice 

As a Medical Consultant you work in the medical heart of the organization, Medical Affairs. Medical Affairs consists of two teams (Medical and Evidence) that jointly manage all medical aspects that are necessary for the development , implementation and substantiation of the Quin healthcare concept . Together with colleagues from R&D and Product Development, you guarantee that the platform makes the right diagnoses, communicates clearly and connects the right conclusions. 

You work on creating the digitization of general practitioner care , whereby you as a medical consultant are the critical note to check whether this is actually in the interest of the patient (think of safety) and the general practitioner himself. Precisely by using your vision as a general practitioner, developments are adapted in such a way that it fits. You share your knowledge and insights with product owners and test new functions. You will not be completely detached from the treatment room, because you support the go-live of the technology in our general practices. 


We roll out the red carpet if you 

  • Are a BIG registered GP with 3+ years of experience in practice – additional (clinical) experience is of course welcome; 
  • Interested in and/or have experience in e-health ; 
  • Reduce complex matter to the core – past patients understood what you were telling them and appreciated your style of communication; 
  • Finds it useful to use your medical knowledge to make GP care more efficient, patient-friendly and future-proof; 
  • Collective achievements rank higher than individual successes. 


This is how we pay back your enthusiasm 

  • With a salary in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for General Practice Care, plus holiday pay, a modern pension scheme and sufficient vacation days; 
  • With a pleasant working atmosphere, colleagues and a setting in which we invent the digital health wheel together; 
  • With ample development opportunities and career opportunities; 
  • With the opportunity to contribute today to the general practitioner care of (the day after) tomorrow. 


Meet our team 

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